Taihou (Christmas)

Uploaded by CakeLord 1608929636 ago


Merry Christmas! Check my twitter for updates: https://twitter.com/CakeLordVR Another winter avatar, this time more on point with the holidays. EDIT: Double check to make sure the idle anim is set correctly in the animation controller. The outfit comes in black and red, just switch the textures. Includes Visemes, Gestures, Dance Emotes, Dynamic Bones, and Colliders. She's got Dynamics on the hair, boobs, and butt, with colliders in both hands. Requires Poiyomi Toon v5.6 or newer, and Dynamic Bones. Built on Unity 2018.4.20f1 69K Tris and 5 Materials.


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Paz 1608980956 ago

nice big booba

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