Young IA Vocoloid ( Lipsync, eyetracking, blinking, emotes )

Uploaded by Dragonrider 1520346351 ago


Young IA from Vocoloid.
30k poly, optimized.

Want to see your model in action, or just come by to hang out?
Or Discord channel:

I do also avatar commissions for a small price.

( more info on my twitch page ).
Disclaimer: Use avatars above 20k at your own risk.

The chance to get banned is almost none.
Just don't put effects on it, what makes other people pc's lag.


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Dragonrider Author 1520639987 ago

Atersu, yea I know.But you still break the rules. But the mods mostly don't care about it as long you don't lag people.
Inexoravel, you need to download a modded sdk or mod it your self.
I'm not allowed to post the link to a vrcsdk mod. try google it. Sorry.

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Inexoravel 1520602039 ago

how to upload this without decimate?

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Atersu 1520562768 ago

I have 41k polygons avatar without effects, and not was banned.
Also, i asked VRChat mods and teams staff about this, they answer me, what is that only my own risk if avatar doesn't call lags on other users that's good.

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Dragonrider Author 1520391159 ago

Julianno, Thanks for clarifying the situation. :)

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Weso2222222222222 1520386918 ago

Great model mate :)

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Julianno 1520382701 ago

GingerHitmanYT If you decimate this to legal limit the character is going to look broken. I've just tried to decimate it and the results are very bad. Just have to accept that some models are unusable in VRChat or upload this using modded VRC SDK and risk getting banned. The choice is yours.

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GingerHitmanYT 1520378876 ago

please make her with useable Polygons please

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GingerHitmanYT 1520378799 ago

why does she have more polygons than deathwing?

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Narumaya 1520361106 ago

welp thx i can decimate this abit

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MasterBeta77 1520358041 ago

Over 34k poly.

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Dispentry 1520353983 ago

poly's literally don't do shit to computers, the chance to get banned is next to none cause admins aint got no time

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Drakeos 1520352528 ago

Still ban hammer if over 19k poly mate and not allowed on here either due to new policy

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