Advanced prone locomotion layer(3.0)

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A 3.0 locomotion layer that lets you switch between different laying animations. [credit to Manish for sitting animation] To use, simply attach the "tranquilbase" controller to the avatar's base locomotion layer, the tranquilparams to the parameters and Locomotion to the menu(or make it a submenu of a larger one if necessary) --note: in order to use this with avatars that have existing menus, you need to do as follows: 1. In the avatar's expressions parameters, add a "supine" int value 2. In the avatar's menu, make sure that somewhere you have toggles that change the value to: -0 for default -1 for laying back -2 for sitting -3 for laying on side(right) -4 for laying on side(left)


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MomijiInubashiri 1626187673 ago

Do i just need to add the tranquil menu as a sub menu if the avatar i'm working on has a menu controller and then add the supine int value in the avatars paramaters?

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yelby 1616719017 ago

This, this is what I've been looking for. You've taught me a piece I've been looking to do forever.

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