Fluffy's Ears

Uploaded by FluffyHeart 1619936412 ago


So remember i made that avocado accidentally because i was trying to make ears? well i finally made ears! 100% made from scratch by me, its not PERFECT but im happy with it. I made a low poly version and a normal version. Both versions are included in the package. Please don't claim as your own or try to sell them. All i ask is to credit me if used on a fully made model. For model updates: Instagram.com/fluffy.vrc. i do not have a discord server, I release alot of free assets and models occasionally!. Feel free to add me on vrchat my account is Fluffy (with a heart). (Dynamic bone setting included, you can mess with them if you'd like)


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Godlysaten 1619950589 ago

Thank you

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