[Dance] MMD: Let me in the bathroom (Converted MMD to animation)

Uploaded by 80sRetro 1637884515 ago


!READ ME! ----------- I did not create/convert the MMD motion. It was converted by JustPurcel#8561 ----------- Preview of the animation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LgKMLpupIT4 ----------- Inside the package will be the music, the original .vmd motion file, and the converted .anim file ----------- To use this animation you simply make a duplicate of your avatar (wouldn't wanna bread the main model yknow), drag the .anim file over the name of it in the Hierarchy, drag the audio file from inside the package over the same place you put the .anim (or change the audio settings from whatever audio source you already have made), and BOOM! you now have the animation ready for use. ----------- If you come across any issues with this animation (which I don't think will happen?) you can contact me on discord: 80sRetro#2468 I am not the best at helping though so be aware, but I will try my best to assist you :3 ----------- enjoy!

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DusyaDusya 1638048559 ago

TbI JIOX !!!!!!

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