silence em's anti streamer sign

Uploaded by silence 1641154997 ago


a sign that supports the anti streamer groups of vrc

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AuxieFox 1641356976 ago

this is just stupid why the hell

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aaron6446 1641369139 ago

Why is this even a thing and what did the streamers do..?

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itsalex7676 1648841339 ago

doing god's work B)

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SpitDragon 1642008569 ago

Fuck Streamers? "We" could make a better sign than this shit GFY

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Xen7 1641687104 ago

This is good

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Fuckinghatekneegars 1641321619 ago

fuck streamers

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Nekomanz 1648697626 ago

You do know with out them this game would not have been big at all nexise would have been biger if not for streamers

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TheHybrid1990 1641658873 ago

lol, whoever supports streamers, report this for removal. Let the one thinks he's relevant disappear.

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DelTheKobold 1641186601 ago

what did the streamers do

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