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i know i know I'm late. this unity package gives you as the title says a printed mask for you to use and enjoy doing so. i did the model and some of the textures from scratch. it comes with 2 prefabs for you to use and 2 fbx files. 48 materials with 4k textures for the mask but this package only have 24 so i can upload but there is another unity package that will have the rest, and 16 materials for the tag at the side of the mask and there is some templates for you to make your own textures if you really want to. and it comes with 4 bones for you to move around the head and make the mask 80% to 100% fit any humanoid heads, the list of the bones are nose, jaw, left ear and right ear. you need to put the prefab in the head bone or you can use parent constraint but the head bone is my number one for me because you won't see the mask in your view unlike the parent constraint way but what ever, you do you. use it as you with. enjoy and stay safe

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