Lelouch avatar - from Code Geass

Uploaded by Sandiss 1642582988 ago


Model combining efforts done more than a year ago, thought I'd share. It is not an original model, I do not remember the source, gladly accept any help finding it. The model combines multiple models, so you may activate geass, different outfit as well as the zero mask through emotes control. Have not seen a avatar combining all these components, but here you go. I believe I attempted to optimize it when it was initially created and updated, but still only works with PC. Dependencies: - PoiyomiShaders

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Mime0Tron 1642717984 ago

I love Code Geass, just finished watching the final season last month. Thanks for the treat!

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SpitDragon 1642867815 ago

Code Gayass? Sounds like something I'd be into!

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n8bits 1642746201 ago

Been waiting for something like this!! I'm rigging up the emotes and gestures right now!

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