Miku Bikini

Uploaded by s3kshun8 1516826897 ago


First time building one in blender so let me know how it works #Edit Fixed view to be more level with eyes


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redraven626 1520431727 ago

@Finn199 you act like youve never seen one. calm down.

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finn199 1520222960 ago

in the 3d model viewer she has a pussy modeled 0_0

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s3kshun8 Author 1516906673 ago

Thanks for the advice storm! I'll mess around with it and try out what you suggested then re-upload the edit

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Atomic Storm 1516847669 ago

My recommendations. When importing to unity you may experience a purple character. I suggest downloading cubeshaders, going to miku\source\Tda Miku\Materials doing ctrl-A to select all, click on inspector mode at the right box, changing shader to cubedparadox\flat lit toon and under rendering mode click cutout, this will fix purple body and a pink seam on the face that is there or else if you prefer to keep the shader at standard and just change rendering mode to cutout, that works. As well as the character does not start at 0,0 and is floating so you can change that by clicking on the character and under tranform you can change the numbers to 0,0,0

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s3kshun8 Author 1516829794 ago

thats the way the original model was imported. Thanks!

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AHappyTeddyBear 1516829061 ago

Something nice: why is the characters butt line at her spine? Just a heads up.

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