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Designed to follow a given position at a smooth or set speed. The package includes a simple cube follower and a more complex variable speed pet follower. The system can be places on any avatar and the pet can be replaced with any of your own and customized.

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PoptartKnux 1596892222 ago

Minecraft Chicken

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lindesu 1596834993 ago

You should also provide credits here

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Motulok 1605853555 ago

Any tutorial or documentation that i could read? I really wanna use this but whenever i do the models just move weirdly and rotate weirdly.

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AnimeOtakuAce 1604017022 ago

imma make this work with avi 3.0

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bur10 1603561259 ago

how do I even make it so a custom model follows?

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DrPickleCheese 1598385891 ago

how do i change the cube into what i want? and how do i put it on my avatar? is there a youtube tutorial?

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CaptCorvo 1597609086 ago

hey im sorry, I dont know if im just dense or what but how do you set this up?

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chrimbooooooo 1597123503 ago

is there a way to set the follower to float instead of being tied to the ground?

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squidonik 1597064648 ago

When I have humanoid rig avatar, it is possible to play walk animation when moving, idle animation when standing?

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Pixel exe 1596919933 ago

whats next? button menu, circle slash, or world constraints? or have you set your sights on a different persons work?

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Legoman99573 1596914074 ago


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NeganVR 1596868900 ago


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RetroGEO 1596833218 ago

Why is this prefab so needlessly huge? What did you base this on it seems like ancient tech.

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