Thomas The Wank Engine

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Is you sex life not spicy enough? Do you describe your alone time as "boring, Lacking" Or, "Uneventfull"? Have you ever wanted to fuck a literal train? Well then I have the product for you! Introducing Thomas The Wank Engine! It makes use of the DPS to make sure you have full satisfaction. With our patented new ahegao technology, It is now possible to make even the sexiest of trains your pleasure toy. Disclaimer, R.A.D.S Is not responsible for any and all train related injuries that will occur. Extra Disclaimer: This does NOT Include the DPS or any paid assets.


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Dexstar 1622249471 ago

batteries dont last long- used for a straight day before engine started melting itself. Mildly disappointed.

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moxery 1622134127 ago


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QueenRhi 1628757849 ago

Why? how come it couldnt be a Kakyoin one? lmao

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Xersi 1625023567 ago


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PhoenixAce 1623938600 ago

oh dear god xDDD

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Lama man 1622228804 ago

hehe nice

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