TDA Default Miku By Xoriu (Big Update)

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Advertisement: You can see this avatar with animations in my avatar world World name: Squidonik Avatar World, The Box Direct Link: Please Check out, i uploaded it some time ago but it's still in community labs. My Miku Got Updated (Again) Like in Old Version, she have: MMS3 Shader (Configuration Changed), Dynamic Bones (Much Better Configured), Dynamic Bone Colliders (Slightly Better) Lip Sync (Viseme Blend Shapes), Eye Tracking And Blinking, Finger Trails (I Did Some Changes too), Glowing Blue Parts of clothing, New Features: Glowing Eyes, Glowing Hair tips. Info: I Gave Her Sit Pose And Crawling Animation, Info2: Everything (Shader, Finger Trails, Dynamic Bone settings) Is Copied From My Unity Project, So It Should Work With No Problems, Info3: There Is Controller With Sit Pose And Crawling Animation, No Other Animations Included! Note: Before Importing My Unitypackage Make Sure You imported VRCSDK! Note2: When You go to armature>hips>spine there is Collider! It's named 2nd spine collider it must be there! And Don't change it's name! Credits: Model: Xoriu, TDA Textures: Xoriu, TDA, Me (I Edited Textures to make glow effect) Finger Trail: Lugia01 (I Was Too Lazy to do My own) Shader: (i dont know how to write this, so have a link) Dynamic Bone Settings: Me Shader Configuration: Me (It Took me so long to make it look like now) Converting: Me (With Help of "CATS Blender Plugin") Fixing: Me (Again, With Help of "CATS Blender Plugin") Material and Texture Renaming: Me Link To MMD Version:


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